Company Information

We, ATV International Co. Ltd., are based in Hanoi, Vietnam and we have our own Onyx, Marble and Granite quarries in Pakistan, Vietnam and India.

Therefore the availability for the attached products are sufficient enough to fulfill any demand of quantity based on customer’s requirement.

Our parent company in Pakistan was established in 1993. Started as a processor of natural marble and granite, with time and maturity expanded to three massive units each bigger than other and equipped with more sophisticated machinery.

We have also been expanded to operating our exclusive quarries equipped with heavy duty stone handling equipment from Pedrini Italy. We hold the quarries of such unique and valuable materials of it own kind. Thus we are not dependent on any outside supplier and provide complete vertical integration ‘in-house’.

Our processing unit is based on fully automatic Italian machineries. We process raw block into slabs and tiles through a complete automated process. We can provide block, slab, tile, mosaics, moldings etc of any customized size according to requirements of customer, cut and finished fully in house.

Our product-line and services includes:

Quarrying and Raw Material trading

Projects of Interior and Exterior

Exporter, Distributor and Retail Supplier of Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Mosaics, Moldings etc (cut to size, polished, antic, horned, brush finished, matt finished, split face etc)

Decoration and Designed products


We follows the market and evolves actively in the changing industry.
We strive to maintain Leadership in the industry and in doing so we work to improve our results every day, looking forward to any challenges with a positive attitude. Being a dynamic company, we serve to provide the right solution to your individual design and specific requirements.

We hope that our products can be a added feature for your project to make it more unique and one of its kind in your industry.